About Us

The church of God evangelistic ministry was registered as a full church ministry in Kenya in 2014. The sole aim of registering this ministry is to evangelise and convert as many souls as possible to Christ. The founder bishop, however, started preaching the gospel of Christ after being born again and baptism in 1997.

We are guided by the word of God in our work as follows:

  1. Mathew 16:18-19
  2. Mark 16:15-19
  3. 1 Corinthians 2:3
  4. Revelation 20:11-15





Our postal address is;

P.O BOX 344-60103


The church has since then been able to plant congregation in various parts of the country like;

  1. Church of God Saints (Runyenjes-Embu County)
  2. Church of God Saints (Mshomoroni Juda Mombasa county)
  3. Church of God Saints (Taita Bura station)
  4. Church of God Saints (Taita Mwaktau)
  5. Church of God Saints (Manyatta-Embu county)
  6. Church of God Saints (Kirigi-Embu County)
  7. Church of God Saints (Muraru-Embu county)
  8. Church of God Saints (Mariakani Kayole Mombasa)
  9. Church of God Saints (Kianjokoma town Embu)
  10. Others

Our prayer is that this ministry will be able to deliver at least one thousand souls and above to Christ whose names will be in the book life during the day of judgement.

With God on our side the above is possible because he is not a human being that he can lie. (Numbers 29:19) Amen